Semi-underground System GeoTainer® Model GTE

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Salient Characteristics

Consumers are more accepting of separate waste collection i.e. glass, paper, residual waste etc. than ever before. This readiness combined with the high demands made of modern urban development concepts means new requirements are also made of waste collection systems. Our Semi-underground System Model GTE is an interesting alternative to our Underground Systems.

Household Waste Collection on motorway stations

An increase in the volume of traffic has led to higher demands being made of the waste collection systems used by travellers on the motorway i.e. at motorway services, rest and parking areas.

Our Semi-Underground System Model GTE takes up the challenge.

We not only help improve the appearance of rest areas, we give them a unique look. We offer efficient waste management systems. Clean rest areas not only look better - visitors are far less likely to litter areas that are kept clean.

Collection of Residual Waste in Recreation Areas

Humans produce litter wherever they go, even in their free time which is often spent in parks and at holiday resorts, at the beach, in the mountains or nature reserves.

Our Model GTE has proved to be an ideal solution to the litter problem in recreational facilities.


Household Waste Collection in the Town

High demands are made of municipal collection systems for glass, paper and household waste. These systems must be economical because of the large quantities involved but there are also other important aspects such as appearance, cleanliness on location and environmental friendliness that need consideration.


  1. Pick-up system for truck crane
  2. Collecting container

    • Collecting container made of galvanized steel sheet
    • 1, 2 or 3 chambers
    • Basin-like trap doors retain any remaining liquid
    • Glass: trap doors held and operated by high-strength chains, insulated against noise and connected to pick-up system
    • Paper/household refuse: trap doors held and operated by traverse / leverage system which is connected to pick-up system

  3. Casing for the outer container (overground)

    • Wooden casing  "standard"
    • Wooden casing  "economic"
    • Plastic panels
    • Washed-out concrete
    • Plane concrete
    • Corrugated metal sheet
    • Perforated metal sheet

  4. Outer container

    • Concrete:
      - Reinforced, cast in one piece, watertight
      - Pump sump
      - Anchor straps on the side to facilitate transport
      - Steel ring to protect edges
    • Optional steel:
      - Sturdy construction made of galvanized steel sheet
      - Pick-up for lifting by crane

Emptying via trap door

Technical information


Technical Data

GTE 1.6     GTE 3.0     GTE 4.0     GTE 5.0    
Volume (appro. in m3) 1.6 3.0 4.0 5.0
Height (not incl. pick-up) (approx. in mm) 1150 2100 2675 3250
Height visible section in mm 1150 1150 1150 1150
EiBuilt-in dimensions (Ø x h) (approx. in mm) - 1950 x 950 1950 x 1525 1950 x 2100
Weight concrete outer (approx. in kg) 1570 2605 3365 4100
Weight steel collecting container (approx. in kg) 345 410 450 490
Total weight (approx. in kg) 1915 3015 3815 4590