Underground System GeoTainer® Model GTR

... uniquely diverse

Salient Characteristics


  • A combination of sculpture-like appearance and practicality for everyday
    use - easily blends into surroundings thus suited to any and every towncentre
  • Collection points look better
  • Strategically placed - a central collection point is only a short distance away - for everyone
  • Does not obstruct the road-user's view
  • Low-level throw-ins - easy access for children and the handicapped in
    wheel chairs
  • When glass is deposited, the sound power level does not exceed 91 dB
  • Under ground it‘s cooler! More hygienic; no nasty smells or problems with
  • EU patent


  1. Pick-up system for truck crane
  2. Throw-in column
  3. Pavement plateau

    • Made of stud plate

  4. Collecting container

    • Made of galvanized steel sheet
    • 1 or 2 chambers
    • Basin-like trap doors retain any remaining liquid
    • Centering plates facilitate positioning in the concrete outer
    • Glass: trap doors held and operated by high-strength chains, insulated against noise and connected to pick-up system
    • Paper/household refuse: trap doors held and operated by traverse / leverage system which is connected to pick-up system

  5. Safety plateau

    • Load capacity 150 kg
    • Service access
    • Automatic lock

  6. Concrete outer

    • Reinforced, cast in one piece, watertight
    • Pump sump
    • Built-in lifting loops
    • Integrated drain for surface water
    • Steel ring to protect edges
    • Guides for safety platform

Technical information

Throw-in column TUBO

  • Brushed stainless steel or stainless steel with powder coating
  • Ø x h: 550 x 960 mm (not incl. pick-up)

Optional extras:

  • Stickers
Throw-in for glass
Throw-in for glass
Throw-in for glass
Throw-in for glass
Throw-in for paper
Throw-in for paper
Throw-in for light packaging
Throw-in for light packaging


Technical Data

GTR 3.0     GTR 4,0     GTR 5,0    
Volume (approx. in m3) 3.0 4.0 5.0
Height (not incl. pick-up) (approx. in mm) 2825 3400 3975
Built-in dimensions (Ø x h) (approx. in mm) 2070 x 1850 2070 x 2425 2070 x 2950
Weight concrete outer (approx. in kg) 3360 4215 4950
Weight safety platform (approx. in kg) 140 150 155
Weight steel collecting container (approx. in kg) 500 525 550
Total weight (approx. in kg) 4000 4890 5655